Today is the day – the official last day in America

After four of us, including me, ordered an Uber and drove about half an hour to Dulles Airport, waiting began. Although the four of us flew on three different planes, we wanted to share an Uber to save money. Unfortunately, for three of us, this also meant that we had a stay at the airport for five hours until departure. After we did everything necessary at the airport together, each of us went to their terminal. There, we were just waiting for our boarding. The boarding and the subsequent departure was unfortunately delayed for everyone, which is why we all barely managed our connecting flight (and only because it was also delayed). Unfortunately, not all suitcases made it to the destination airport. Two out of four suitcases did not make it into the last plane. Now it’s time to wait for a long time.

Three other participants stayed one more night in a hostel in Washington and flew the next day.

The last two participants took an Amtrak to New York and stayed there for two nights.

We also started a small survey between the participants of VAST22. Here are the results:


#1 Oliver

#2 Daniel

#3 Swantje


#1 Max

#2 Swantje

#3 Lenz


#1 Frederik

#2 Swantje

#3 Celine E.

All the best for the winners and see you next year!

-written by Celine Külper