On the morning of 21.03, our third day in Norfolk, we visited the German course of Mrs. Steitz. She is from Germany and has been teaching German and German history at the Old Dominion for 5 years. In two groups each, we attended the German courses in two consecutive meetings. After some relaxed conversations  in small rounds, to get to know each other, Mrs. Steitz moderated a group discussion that focused on the subjects of study and health in the USA and Germany. My conclusion is that I am happy to live in Germany because education and health is not a question of money.

Following the extremely interesting German courses, we visited the Career Fair of the Old Dominion University in small groups. The trade fair offered the opportunity to connect with companies in order to find potential job opportunities. The local police, the military, insurance companies, industrial service providers and many more were represented.

After a rich lunch some of us have attended lectures. I was allowed to take the course, „advanced filmmaking“. Guest was a sreen writerin. Her name is Arkeisha Roberts. She told us about her everyday life on a film set and gave us an interesting insight of her life as a person from the film making industry.

Afterwards we visited the science pub. It tooks place in the O`Conner Brewing Company. We were listening to interesting talks around topics like the climate change,  equal rights and many more. This took place with good beer and best company in a brewery. As german beer experts we were surprised by the variety of delicious beers.

Finally we had the evening with Nachos and Borritos, together with Mrs. Steitz and a few of her students at the local Mexicans. The food was very nice and we noticed that there is an flatrate on nachos in every Mexican restaurant. After that great dinner some of us decided to end the evening with beers, beats and basketball at the local student club next to our hotel.

All in all, it was a lovely day and we are honored to meet these nice people from the USA.