Day 2, September 12th

After breakfast and the last final meetings, we went in groups, to go to the Capital Bike Station, where we picked up our rental bikes.
After that, we went one by one to the sights by bike despite the “bad” cloudy/rainy weather.
Because of the Day Pass, every 45 min we had to attach the bikes briefly to the docking, and this requires internet. Before we wanted to drive to the last station, the white house, the internet was so bad that some participants had to walk there. In addition to the White House, we also got to see the capitol, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.
Furthermore, there were not enough free places for the bikes at the station, so we could not go together. After a walk of about 20 minutes, the last participants reached the white house.
From then on, all participants could reach their own Goals. This was done either on foot, by bicycle, or with the help of a Uber. Some went to Chinatown, and some went to museums. At chinatown we,some students and I, ate sushi and other small typical vietnamese foods. Fun Fact: The drinks was delivered by a funny roboter!
In the evening, there was only a quiet get-together in the rooms or on the first floor.
The choice of the means of transportation was necessary on that day because we wanted to reach many goals.

During the day, we used the rental bikes, walked, or took an Uber. For the rental bikes, we paid $8 for the whole day. With that, we could go on 45-minute rides an infinite number of times.
However, the disadvantage was that we often had to go to a station to register and unregister the bike. This cost significantly more time. But we were fast and without traffic jams.
The Uber rides were much more comfortable and were with 2- 3$ per trip and person also not expensive. The only „problem“ here was that the indicated number of person mainly was very unsuitable. Two times we booked rides for 6 passengers. However, the last seats were more emergency seats than regular seats, where one could just sit.
Furthermore, the trunk space was very minimal.
The next day we will still drive with the Metro and will have a comparison.

-by Celine Kuelper12.09.22