The day began with a class in the ODU’s printing room. We were invited to a letter printing module, so we had the great opportunity to explore designing prints by hand instead of digital. The traditional press was a highlight for us designers. We were free to work with old techniques involving wooden letters – all handmade. Time flew by, just applying ink and immediately seeing the results. It has its charm, hard to grasp for anyone who doesn’t get excited seeing and smelling the typo coming fresh out of the press.

For our group of business students, the day started a little bit differently. They went to international literature and cultures class. With the highly motivated professor Slater, they went over poems about the African-Cuban conflict. Then a poetry slam took place in class.
We had lunch in a cafeteria, which was a different one, than the one we saw a couple of days prior. Interestingly there was an all-you-can-eat setting. You pay once and can choose from all the different shops, or use your voucher.
There was everything from typically American food to Italian to Mexican…
In the afternoon we went out on the water.
From the boat’s sun deck we had a beautiful view of Norfolk. The 3-hour harbor tour took us first past gigantic dry docks in which warships of the U.S. Navy were repaired. We passed some historical buildings of the city, like the oldest military hospital in the USA.
In the huge harbor basin, there is room for many military but also civilian industries.
After some container and coal loading ports, we finally reached the largest Navy Base in the world.
While we passed the armada of the US Navy, the captain of our tourist boat told us all the information about each of the warships. A dozen destroyers, 4 submarines, 3 huge aircraft carriers, and numerous other ships were there for us to marvel at.
On the way back to the pier, we encountered a few dolphins and several Navy helicopters flying overhead.
Unfortunately, we were a little too late after the tour to visit the museum ship, but there was still time for a short trip to the museum store.
Back at the hotel, hunger kicked in and part of our group headed to „Perfectly Frank“. A snack bar near the campus, full of ODU students. Hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, and co. – very tasty food at small prices!
The other part of the group went to the beach instead of the harbor. From what we heard, it was a little bit of a sketchy area there. But the beach was nice and in the end, everything went well.
Afterward, they met up with the Indian students we met at the Startup Workshop and got some dinner and drinks. A lot of Indians are vegetarians, so Mcdonald’s and Taco Bell were not an option. So they went to get some ramen and then to 7Eleven, pretty much a kiosk. They sell pretty much everything from drinks to pizza, the newspaper, and cigarettes. And so the evening took its course and as every day on this trip, the next day came way too quick.
… by Frederik and Lenz 21.09.22