Last Breakfast

Our last day in Washington started pretty early.
The plan – head to the Washington Post Entrepreneurial Event and then off to Norfolk!
So while most of us made our way to the metro after the inhumanly early breakfast, Oli, Daniel and Michael went to the airport, to pick up the cars for the rest of the trip.
At the metro station we bought citytickets and Dominik forgot his cappuccino on the machine. – what a start in the day!

Washington Post

Washington Post – Entrepreneurial Event

After a successful identity check, we were allowed to pass through the metal detector and finally went up to the second floor.
There, we were greeted by a collection of very neatly dressed people, eerily friendly smiling Washington Post employees and a snack buffet. Luckily for me, there was coffee; unluckily for Lenz, there were no Bellinis.
For the event itself, we sat down in a room with several screens and a stage with multible seats
After x, a friendly older man entered and welcomed us.
The stage guests were various company owners, bankers and other big capitalists.
They spoke about ways to eliminate gender and origin inequalities in the world of founders and businessmen. The accepted patent solution – give loans to these groups. Out of pure generosity, of course.
The fact that this large market has been penetrated much, plays only a very small role.
All in all, the topic was discussed and the current start-up situation was recognised as a problem, but the solutions proposed and practised had little to do with actually helpful solutions.
Basically, rich people talked about becoming even richer while creating more sources for their own profit distribution. The event is featured and recorded in this WP-Article.


George Washington University

We met Skye Blanks through contact of Michael Herzog. He offered to show us the campus of George Washington University, which was one metro stop away. We looked at the various buildings scattered around the city and listened to Skye tell us what was happening in them.
It was quite a long tour. What was most impressive was the vastness of the campus. We also took a photo in front of the World Bank, which fitted in well with the previous event.
Our tour ended in a food court, from where we drove back to the hotel.
There we waited for Oli and Daniel with the cars.
After about an hour, two huge SUVs drove up—our traveling companions for the next time.




Departure to Norfolk

We distributed ourselves and our luggage among the cars and started towards Norfolk.
First stop – Wendy’s.
From there, we drove to the sea in Norfolk with a further stop at the welcome center. Oli now knows how the carpool lane works.
The beach was nice, but I, like everyone else, was a bit too tired to really enjoy it.
So we finally arrived at the Marriott Hotel on the ODU campus.
Norfolk and ODU are beautiful at first sight.
We spent the rest of the evening in small groups at different places.
We ended it on the city beach, from where we had a great view of many illuminated cranes.


… by Swantje 13.09.22